Senior Strategist

Strategists are proactive, smart and endlessly curious. They ask why before figuring out the what and then the how. They are big picture thinkers with an eye to the strategic details and most of all, they are doers. 


  • Draw key insights from targeted research into brand, audience, analytics, vertical and competition.
  • Lead teams with clear, inspiring and insightful project and creative briefs.
  • Identify business opportunities from clients’ project objectives.
  • Fuse business problems with consumer research and creative inspiration.
  • Convince teams and clients through compelling stories.
  • Implement a clear plan of action to make creative ideas a reality.
  • Create informed POVs that drive key decisions.
  • Evaluate creative for optimal user experience.
  • Build relationships with clients through project “wins."
  • Present to internal teams and clients.
  • Effectively listen to the other points being made in the room and react accordingly.
  • Bring a positive attitude and humility when articulating ideas and recommendations.


  • Digital platforms, landscape, behaviors and innovations.
  • Communication tools that help clients see our vision.
  • Communication tools that provide practical value to internal teams.
  • Tools and services for research, analytics and data collection/manipulation (free and paid).


  • An insatiable curiosity and willingness to listen and learn.
  • Inspire confidence, in teams, clients and leadership.
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable.



About AnalogFolk

We're an innovative creative agency that make and market interactive experiences to create a better analog world. But nothing is more important to us than people, and that's reflected in everything we do.

We're ambitious as an agency, for our clients, and most importantly for our team. We want them to flourish, learn and grow, helping them achieve everything they want.

That's why we can offer clever, creative and enthusiastic people the freedom to experiment, innovate and work in an open and collaborative way in an award winning independent global agency.

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