Senior Technical Producer

The role of Senior Technical Producer mixes great organisation skill and best practice project management, with effective and clear client communications, building great relationships internally and externally. As a Senior Technical Producer, you will be expected to demonstrate experience and be able to put what you have learnt in your career in to practice. You will have experience of agency and understand how they work, so that you can read how and when to escalate, and when you can independently make commitments on behalf of the agency.

The Senior Technical Producer is responsible for the day-to-day development of the projects we work on, to ensure they are delivered effectively and efficiently, and always true to the original concept. The Senior Producer will likely work on and own a group of inter-related projects for a client, and be expected to understand and manage the interdepencies as set of projects rather than individual projects.

The Senior Technical Producer will work within a team dedicated to specific agency group. They are expected to show great team spirit and initiative, and be able to spend time working independently from management, whilst collaborating with all departments. They will also be expected to show their experience by helping mentor and coach more junior members of the team.


The overall goal of Production is to efficiently delivery great creative work.

The Senior Producer role can be very varied, due to the very different nature of digital projects and platforms, and of course clients. The Senior Producer may be required to work on campaign projects through to big build, depending on skillset and experience.

However, in general and regardless of the type of project, the Senior Producer will manage work through the agency on time and on budget. They should be skilled in effective project set up, documentation, scheduling, budget control, project tracking and reporting, risk and issue analysis, and quality management.

They will work with their Project Director to develop their understanding of the principles of Project Management, appropriate methodologies and processes as required.

They will work with their teams and clients to develop the account and bring project management controls to their projects, and provide a clear line of communication to the client on all matters regarding the performance of the project.


The primary responsibilities are:

  • To develop, establish and document a plan and approach to ensure that goals or objectives of a project are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters.
  • Manage and deliver multiple work streams/projects to agreed scope, timings, budget and quality, demonstrating an understanding and application of good governance.
  • To follow the company processes and strive to always follow best practice.
  • Determine what resources are required for their projects and ensure they are correctly booked.
  • Source assets from the client, third parties or from scratch for their projects.
  • Present project approaches and outputs to the client and manage the review process
  • Provide clear communication of project status (milestones, financial performance etc) and requirements to the client.
  • Develop a relationship with both the internal team, the client and third parties to ensure efficient working partnerships.
  • Where necessary, negotiate project scope, cost and timing.
  • Facilitate collaboration with internal resources and external partners where necessary.
  • To track the financial performance of the projects, and report this information to their Project Director and/or Client Partner
  • Have a good understanding of the brands they are working on - their language and specs, their core characteristics, and how the brand should and shouldn't be applied.

Skills and Experience:

You must have proven experience in project management, in the industry, and will have worked on a variety of complex and large-scale projects.

At this stage in your career you will be able to successfully turn your hand to any project. The ability to produce a project and an understanding of the principles of project management should be second nature, and you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of different approaches to production/project management.

This role requires someone who is extremely positive and creative with their thinking.

Good communication and the ability to speak with confidence to anyone in the agency and clients is a must.

Above all, you need to be able to keep a clear and calm head and lead by example.



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