Creative Technologist

Technology inspires you to challenge the way things are done. You constantly analyse algorithms, how things are built and what new things can be done. You enjoy building things where both software and hardware meet. You are a solution oriented individual that can build prototypes which showcase ideas and you can clearly document what would be needed to move from a prototype to a production ready solution. You have your own point of view around artificial intelligence, neural networks, expert systems, data mining, virtual reality, augmented reality. To answer questions such as “with AI running offline on phones, what can we do with it?”, you prefer to code and develop a solution, to then properly provide your point of view.

You work with a large variety of team members and can manage your way around giving an opinion, negotiations and taking the lead on projects. Knowledge of UX, strategy and design are under your belt and that helps you shape and make decisions of technology solutions. Time and experience in coding plus a constant curiosity on innovation and hardware made you a creative technologist with proven experience on cutting edge technologies.



  • Work closely with strategists, creative directors and the broader interactive team to create and in-vision innovative uses of technology
  • Participate in client meetings where technology and/or development is discussed
  • Present to both internal and external audiences to help educate, inspire and provide thought leadership on interactive technologies
  • Build prototypes (code + hardware)


Job Requirements

  • 6+ years of deep interactive development/production experience
  • 2+ years of ad agency or digital agency experience
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of current and emerging platforms
  • Ability to gracefully handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to be part of the creative process while also developing prototypes and new concepts using technology
  • Be able to design prototype models relatively quickly
  • Be interested in developing new hardware and building with existing and future technologies.


Must have Skills & Experience:

  • Expertise in a dynamic language
  • Experience with an appropriate web framework (cakePHP, Zend, RoR, Django, ...).
  • Experience with multiple APIs.


Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with mobile development (web and native).
  • Experience with arduino / rasberry pi
  • Discovering and explaining to others new technologies
  • Understanding and making decisions on what technology trends to follow either for just a project or overall department
  • Teaching standards and best practices
  • This is technology agnostic and should be the foundation of every great developer at this level.



  • Anticipate possible problems, expose them, propose solutions and take the lead within the project to make sure risks are highlighted and mitigations are in place
  • Work closely with UX/Design/Project management, make decisions and balance technical feasibility, budget and project decisions
  • Creates functional specs when needed
  • Takes the lead of project overall tasks such as estimation and decisions around technologies to be used


Skills (must haves)

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • CSS Preprocessor (SASS)
  • git (source tree or similar GUIs) (advanced)
  • Familiar with at least one backend language (Java, PHP, .NET, etc)
  • Networking knowledge (medium)
  • Experience writing technical documentation


Extended Skills (nice to have)

  • Design patterns (advanced)
  • Experience writing blog posts

About AnalogFolk

We're an innovative creative agency that make and market interactive experiences to create a better analog world. But nothing is more important to us than people, and that's reflected in everything we do.

We're ambitious as an agency, for our clients, and most importantly for our team. We want them to flourish, learn and grow, helping them achieve everything they want.

That's why we can offer clever, creative and enthusiastic people the freedom to experiment, innovate and work in an open and collaborative way in an award winning independent global agency.

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