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Freelance Editorial Writer

AnalogFolk is a global digital creative agency, independently owned since 2008. Our mission is to use digital technology to make the analog world better – creating more intuitive customer journeys, enabling more customer-led uses of data, integrating seamless tech and building breakthrough campaigns. 

We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Portland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, partnering with brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Hyundai, Michelob Ultra, Maybelline and Unilever. Winner of Campaign’s Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year 2019

We’re always looking for great people.

Someone who wants to use digital to make the analog world better. Someone without an ego. Who isn’t afraid to speak up if the CEO is wrong. Someone with endless curiosity and passion in everything from their work to their lunch choice.

Today, we’re looking for an Editorial Writer/Storyteller.

Someone who knows stories are conversations with people. Someone who can find that one, unique perspective within all the noise. Who understands that no one listens to marketing; they listen to what interests them and connects with them. Someone who knows how to distinguish a story from a narrative, character from characteristics, and emotion from function while bringing taste and style to everything they touch. A collaborator, but just as comfortable on solo missions. Whose gravitational pull makes waves in every creative discussion, brainstorm, pitch back or conference call.

Is this you? If so, you are fearlessly, boundlessly and relentlessly driven to create and craft the most inspiring stories in the world. Using new formats, innovative techniques, or simply Aristotle’s Poetics, you’ll dare colleagues and influence clients to imagine storytelling in ways they haven’t before.

A few specific details.

-  10+ years as a writer/storyteller.
-  Ability to research, uncover and develop ideas for impactful stories and formats.
-  A history of original, compelling and persuasive long and short-form pieces of varying styles and topics.
-  Exceptional communications skills and an expert at working with multi-levels of clients through each process stage. -  Inspires and mentors the career growth of team members.
-  Collaborates across project management, production, and strategy disciplines.
-  Documentary film writing experience is a bonus.
Are you looking for the same things? If so, contact our Head of Talent, Sheriff Showobi
Our Values: 

Stay Restless
Expect Remarkable
Make Change
Do Good
Be You

How We Work:

As we are operating a temporary remote working model, we set up your home working environment like you are in the office and make sure you get the AF experience from day one, but from your home. Working remotely means we can embrace flexible working and we believe individuals can manage their own time and work, depending on their personal situations. As long as our work is delivered on time and to our high standards, we don’t mind how employees work.

We are an equal opportunity employer and this is reflected in our diversity numbers. We still have work to do but are proud of what we have achieved so far. Our global targets are 50% females and 25% POC in our leadership team across the agency by 2023.