Senior Front-End Developer (6 month FTC)

Senior Front-End Developer 2020
Following a recent win, we’re looking to expand our fantastic team on AnalogFolk’s flagship global account – one of the world's leading brands. The lucky individual will join an already established team that has been driving our client, a large global bank, through this exciting financial revolution.  
Our client is looking to recreate their entire commercial banking digital ecosystem and all supporting sites that service more than 55 markets in 17 languages. Moving away from more traditional methodologies, you’ll be working with an innovative agile approach that brings together data, CX, creative and technology to develop a data-driven intelligent service for mid-sized and corporate businesses. 
This opportunity is perfect for those who have an experienced background in products and services, a love for the ever-changing finance sector, enjoy thinking outside the box and are not afraid of new approaches. You must have experience in React and be familiar with Sitecore and Azure.
Different projects, technologies, industries have given you 6 years of experience. At this moment your understanding of technology can go from specific details to overall platforms, full solutions, integrations and your points of view on each involve accessibility, performance, SEO and security.
You work with a large variety of team members and can manage your way around giving an opinion, negotiations and taking the lead on projects. Knowledge of UX, strategy and design are under your belt and that helps you shape and make decisions of technology solutions, approaches and you can handle the responsibilities of managing and mentoring less experienced team members.
You will be: 
  • Leading projects and the expert on your chosen main technology 
  • Working closely with Back End (CMS) developers to properly integrate code, tooling and processes.
  • Teaching standards and best practices
  • Developing close to bug free code
  • Write code that follows best practices, standards and it's done with a component/re-usability mentality. Most importantly it's properly tested/documented and takes into consideration important non functional requirements such as:
         - Performance
         - Security
         - Efficiency
  • Teach and pro-actively mentor less experienced members on the above
  • Lead within the project to make sure that code is production ready (code reviews and approvals for the release process)
  • Own or work directly with the tech lead on the code delivery process (via Continuous integration, git or through a third party)

  • Anticipate possible problems, expose them, propose solutions and take the lead within the project to make sure risks are highlighted and mitigations are in place
  • Work closely with UX/Design/Project management, make decisions and balance technical feasibility, budget and project decisions
  • Creates functional specs when needed
  • Takes the lead of project tasks such as estimation and decisions around technologies to be used
  • Monitors project management team to ensure team productivity (with tools such as Jira)

  • Start having an impact on the community by either performing or helping less experienced team members on the following: 
  • Brown Bags
  • Code Reviews
  • Showing cool stuff
  • Finding new libraries and/or frameworks
  • Acts as part of the Technology Leadership office team to help showcase the proper attitude towards constant improvement, project collaboration and innovation mentality

  • Developing close to bug free code
  • Pro-actively lead projects
  • Lead conversations with UX/Design/Project Management department in accordance to projects and any relevant AF work
Skills (must haves)
  • HTML & CSS (Expert)
  • JavaScript, React.JS (Expert)
  • Build tools (Gulp, Babel & webpack) (advanced)
  • JavaScript Unit Testing
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • CSS Preprocessor (SASS) (advanced)
  • git (source tree or similar GUIs) (advanced)
  • Familiar with .NET
  • Networking (medium)
  • Performance analysis (advanced)
  • Extended Skills (nice to have)
  • NPM
  • Static Analysis
  • Previous experience with Sitecore
  • Understanding of Responsive/Adaptive layouts (advanced)
  • Familiar with SPAs (Single Page Applications) (advanced)
  • Git Flow (Expert)
  • Design patterns (advanced)
  • Previous evidence of work in a regulated environment
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