Senior Account Director

The Client Services team at AnalogFolk are …. The lifeblood of our client’s business within the agency. They live and breathe our client’s world and are the best representation of them within the agency.
The Senior Account Director is…. responsible for owning a portfolio of client’s worth between £1.5m and £3.5M and leads the senior client relationships.
Their core focus is building strong partnerships with our clients to unlock the best innovative opportunities to improve their brand experience. They work hand in hand with the Delivery team to support the delivery of effective experiences, and draw in the best expertise from the business to help drive effective experiences for their client’s business problems.
Your key responsibilities will include: 

  • Ownership of a £1.5-3.5m revenue with a large client account or a few small accounts with large potential
  • Leadership of senior client relationships as trusted advisors 
  • Leadership of business plans that drive strategic growth and stability
  • Leadership of cross-disciplinary team within portfolio (set and deliver against vision, direction and plan for portfolio)
  • Line Management of 1 or 2 individuals to nurture, develop and inspire talent in the team (AM/AD level)
  • Ownership of forecast (setting, hitting and managing forecast)
  • Involvement of Leadership team through Monthly Steering committee
  • Set up ways of working and clearly defined communication plan with client.
  • Strategically assessing the value we add to our clients and the role we play on a long term basis (The why, what and how to everything we do)
  • Passion for delivering digital connected brand experiences (brand and digital experiences)
KPIs for success: 
  • Client satisfaction score of 8/10 (10% YOY improvement)
  • A minimum of £1.5m revenue target with a large client account or a few small accounts with large potential
  • >90% recoverability of portfolio team 
  • Positive 360 feedback from your Delivery partner (PD)
  • Positive 360 feedback from all direct reports and evidence and nurturing and developing your team 
  • Positive 360 feedback from your multi-disciplinary team and evidence of leadership to the team
  • Demonstration of all of the AF values across the year