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Senior UX/UI Designer

Senior UX/UI Designer
AnalogFolk Senior Designers play a major role in project teams from developing strategy and ideas, running through to delivery. Showing exceptional creative output during the crafting of products, platforms and content. Coming from a digital agency background they have a comprehensive history of environments where they are directly and centrally involved in the delivery of high profile work which are crafted to exceptional standards. 

Role and responsibilities
Based on our process these are the responsibilities a senior UX/UI designer will be required to participate in and undertake.
Gathering insights to help obtain a better understanding of the context in which the experience will need to exist, as well as understand the challenges.
  • Competitive / Comparator research - explore brands which have similar challenges and identify best practices and inspiration we can take into consideration. Particular focus from a visual aspect to the overall concept, use of imagery, messaging, interaction and motion.
  • Design Audit - understand any existing design systems or guidelines that may exist with the brand, as well as review other existing experiences the brand may have.
Based on the challenges identified in the discovery we start to define the user experience.
  • Customer Journey - mapping out the end to end journey a user would take through the experience. Working closely with the UX designer to identify potential interactions through the journey.
  • Wireframe - support in the creation of wireframing that will help to document the content and functionality of the screens in the journey.
Bringing the experience to life with highly creative content and interactions.
  • Concept development - participate in workshops and brainstorming to help define possible concepts for the experience.
  • Prototyping - create prototypes of the experience to bring it to life for validation with the team. 
  • Collaboration - iterating the design with input from other team members who provide strategy, technology, project management, as well as client input.
  • Key visual development – highly polished visualisation of concept through different compositions. These can include photography, illustration or graphic design.
  • Design system development - essentially the gatekeeper of the design system, ensuring it is up to date, uncluttered and optimised.
  • Design production - provide the final delivery of the design for development. This will require working with the design system, whether existing or created for this project. Deliverables will need to be provided via different tools such as zeplin, sketch or invision.
  • Storyboarding - where video content is required, provide a step by step sequence of the story.
  • Mood board - also related to video content in many cases, provide examples of different elements that need to be considered in a video production.
  • Motion - provide engaging motion in the interface design that will bring transitions to life. Develop patterns that can be used within the design guidelines for other designers. Other motion requirements may be related to content, such as video. Tools that may be used, but not limited to can be Flinto, Principal, After Effects and Photoshop.
Based on the UX and design deliverables, the experience will be coded by our technology team
  • Design support - during the development of the experience, the tech team may require additional assets or the refinement of certain aspects of the design.   
  • User Acceptance Testing - during the final stages of the development the experience will need to be checked from a design and motion perspective.
Qualifications and experience

At least 4 years previous experience in design field

A compelling portfolio of exceptional work, showing an ability to think strategically as well as purely executional

Proven experience of developing UX/UI experience deliverables for a range of projects from discrete campaigns and apps through to large-scale ongoing platforms projects

Extensive proven knowledge of user experience visualization and prototyping tools

Excellent written and oral client-facing communication skills

Fluent in Mandarin and English is a must

Experience in working in China and overseas preferred

Ability to learn quickly and manage priorities in a fast-paced development environment


At AnalogFolk we use digital to make the analog world better. That means work that helps people in some way. Instead we strive to create experiences that are remarkable and fundamentally valuable.

  • Find a Way Looks for opportunities that arise during times of change.
  • Fail Brilliantly Is prepared to take risks in the pursuit of excellence. Encourages teams to do the same.
  • Be Remarkable Encourages and inspires others to achieve with own positive attitude. Uses lateral thinking to solve problems.
  • Be Nice Encourages teams to work collaboratively with others to achieve the best results
  • Makes Things Takes responsibility for own work and that of their teams, ensuring high quality standards are always met.