Junior UI Designer

Who we are…  

Founded in 2008, AnalogFolk makes and markets interactive experiences that create value for people and brands.  With offices in London, Sydney, New York, Portland and Hong Kong, our mission is to use digital to make the analog world better, a mission which sees us working with purpose-led brands, to create connected brand experiences that help people achieve their ambitions. 

Our clients include Nike,, BT, PepsiCo, Unilever, Costa Coffee, Nike, and HSBC.

Purpose of Role / Overview:  

The ideal candidate will have a strong design background and will understand not only how things look but also how they translate into other formats and platforms.
They will have a passion for all things design and possess good overall craft skills. Fitting in as part of a wider, creative team, the ability to collaborate effectively is also a must.

Day to day tasks 

  • Read and digest brief for designs submitted for review from the client (Large Financial): identify whether it is Corporate vs retail, desktop vs mobile. And then select the correct design standards to review designs against. 
  • Write feedback and the changes that need to be made to the designs in order for teams to make sure their designs align to standards. The feedback should be presented in ppt or keynote and communicate in a clear and concise manner.
  • Creation of design mocks up to help illustrate and support feedback given where necessary
  • Walk design & Delivery teams through our feedback and answer questions they may have about how they should implement the client design standards correctly. Sometimes compromises are needed as teams cannot always align fully to standards due to cost, time or technical restrictions. 
  • Maintain a good general knowledge of the client design system, upcoming standards and known gaps in standards 

Ad hoc/ nice to have:

  • Attend calls or meetings in person with designers and key client stakeholders to ask key questions about the designs/journey/app/webpage submitted for review. This is to get a better understanding of the project context and experience to be reviewed. 
  • support to the wider client Experience and UI design teams on ad hoc UI design, optimisation and Standards projects.
  • Knowledge of or experience working with User Experience design teams would be beneficial as we often work with UX as sometimes we feedback on user flows etc. In the absence of experience and desire to learn. 

Specific Skills 

  • Requires good eye for detail to spot elements and patterns that do not align to standards. E.g. incorrect thickness of tick in checkbox of terms and condition. Incorrect shade of red for primary CTA button. Issues can be on a bigger scale as well - e.g. general look and feel and experience. 
  • Requires good written communication skills and using the correct tone of voice to describe what changes need to be made to get designs aligned to standards. Things can get political so this is key. 
  • Ability to interact with a variety of stakeholders and an ability to identify the appropriate tone of voice and responses required 
  • Presentation skills not required, but need to be confident to discuss and rationalise opinions on designs and the correct standards to use. 
  • Ability to recall past reviews and apply past experiences - often projects go through the review cycle several times and its good to be able to remember previous times we have reviewed them to ensure we remain consistent with feedback 
  • Organised 
  • Ability to work autonomously