Analog Folk


Junior Strategist

AnalogFolk is a global digital creative agency, independently owned since 2008. Our mission is to use digital technology to make the analog world better – creating more intuitive customer journeys, enabling more customer-led uses of data, integrating seamless tech and building breakthrough campaigns. 

We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Portland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, partnering with brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Hyundai, Michelob Ultra, Maybelline and Unilever. Winner of Campaign’s Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year 2019

Purpose of Role / Overview:  

Proactive with a passion for digital, brands & business, a Junior Strategist at AnalogFolk is a key part of the strategy team on various accounts. With a keen eye for research, they support more senior strategists and are able to work directly with other departments to help support project delivery. A Junior Strategist is proactive, smart and eager to learn, with a motivating curiosity about people and culture. 

Key Responsibilities:  

The Junior Strategist will be an integral part of delivering effective solutions for our clients that live up to our purpose ‘use digital to make the analog world better.’


- Act as a team-player by proactively communicating with others, empowering effective cross-team collaboration on briefs and projects
- Working together with senior strategists, creatives, producers, and the account team to provide consistent strategic support throughout a project - be a strong voice in the room.
- Using presentation formats (Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc) to simply and effectively communicate key information, such as research and findings


- Identifying robust evidence, both from research and analytics, to support briefs, presentations, and proposals.
- Collate research, insights and provocations and present the findings in an easy-to-digest and understandable. manner.
- Keeping abreast of cultural trends in the digital space and client-relevant industries, and communicating these to the team.
- Providing stimulus and inspiration to the creative teams


- Participating actively in brainstorms and discussions about strategic challenges in order to reach creative solutions.
- Contributing to creative briefings and working together with strategists to reach powerful insights that fuel stand-out creative work.
- Pushing yourself to ‘think brave’ and step up to challenge our assumptions/offer a different point of view.

Skills & Experience:
- Showcase an expansive knowledge of the digital landscapeKnow the fundamentals of brands and branding. 
- Keep up-to-date with digital innovation and new digital platforms.
- Be well-versed in how to create a great looking PowerPoint deck Understand a brief vs. a briefing.
- Understand the role of different channels to address different tasks.
- Ideally, 1+ years experience in marketing environment.
- University degree or equivalent qualification or apprenticeship in relevant field.

What You Will Get Out of It:

- A deeper understanding of brand and digital strategy.
- Skills in writing inspiring creative briefs.
- Effective communication & presentation skills.
- How to ask the right questions to solve business problems.
- How to communicate strategic thinking with creative storytelling.
- How to conduct and prepare useful desk & qualitative research.
- Understanding of the typical digital project lifecycle.
How We Work:

We have evolved our ways of working over the last few years and believe that there are moments where we benefit from working in the office together and moments where we benefit from working remotely. We ask all Folk to opt-in and work from the office two days a week across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and work remotely on Mondays and Fridays. This current hybrid set-up is temporary until the end of the year when we will review what works for our employees and for our clients.

Click here to read more about our company North Star and our ambition to be an agency of change. 

We welcome applications from all identities and walks of life. We can’t wait to hear from you!