Full Stack Developer

AnalogFolk is a global digital creative agency, independently owned since 2008. Our mission is to use digital technology to make the analog world better – creating more intuitive customer journeys, enabling more customer-led uses of data, integrating seamless tech and building breakthrough campaigns. 

We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Portland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, partnering with brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Hyundai, Michelob Ultra, Maybelline and Unilever. Winner of Campaign’s Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year 2019

Overview of role
We're looking for a passionate Full Stack Developer with demonstrated skills in building high performing interactive web and mobile applications using the latest web technologies like Node.js, React, Angular and ES2015+. 

You work with a large variety of team members and can manage your way around giving an opinion. Knowledge of UX, strategy and design are under your belt and that helps you shape and make decisions of technology solutions and approaches. 


 You will be contributing to a prototype-to-MVP application using Node and Electron with a MVVM Framework (React or Vue).

Using headless browser sessions to record and replay synthetic tests.

Working closely with the client to develop the prototype.

Coding: Write code that follows best practices, standards and it's done with a component/re-usability mentality. Most importantly it's properly tested/documented and taking into consideration important aspects such as: Performance Security.

Efficiency Identify good targets for iterative improvement and refactoring to reduce technical debt while not over-engineering.

Communication: Anticipate possible problems, expose them, propose solutions and take the lead within the project to make sure risks are highlighted and mitigations are in place.

Work closely with UX/Design/Project management, make decisions and balance technical feasibility, budget and project decisions.

Priorities: Developing maintainable code Pro-actively lead projects.

Lead conversations with UX/Design/Project Management department in accordance to projects and any relevant AF work Full Stack Developer.

Experience / Skills
You work with a large variety of team members and can manage your way around giving an opinion, negotiations and taking the lead on projects. Knowledge of UX, strategy and design are under your belt and that helps you shape and make decisions of technology solutions, approaches and you can handle the responsibilities of managing and mentoring less experienced team members. 
Here are the skills specific to the role;

Must haves;

HTML & CSS (Expert)
JavaScript (Expert) with VueJS
Node & Electron
CSS Preprocessor (SASS) (advanced)
REST API Integration and JAMStack application structure
git (Sourcetree or similar GUIs and/or command line) (advanced)
Familiar with at least one backend language (Java, PHP, .NET, etc)

Nice to have;
Build tools (Webpack) (advanced)
Functional Testing & Test Automation
Familiar with SPAs (Single Page Applications) (advanced)
Git Flow (Expert)
Scrum and Kanban
Design patterns (advanced)
Networking (medium)
Performance analysis (advanced)
Our Values: 

Stay Restless
Expect Remarkable
Make Change
Do Good
Be You

How We Work:

How We Work: The office is currently open three days a week Tuesday to Thursday if Folks want to work from there. There is no pressure for Folks to work from the office and we only ask Folks to use the office if it is essential for their work, they feel safe, and they want to work from there.

As we are operating a temporary remote working model, we set up your home working environment like you are in the office and make sure you get the AF experience from day one, but from your home. Working remotely means we can embrace flexible working and we believe individuals can manage their own time and work, depending on their personal situations. As long as our work is delivered on time and to our high standards, we don’t mind how employees work.

We are an equal opportunity employer and this is reflected in our diversity numbers. The gender split is 51% to 49% male to female employees, with 34% of our leadership team are people of colour. We still have work to do but are proud of what we have achieved so far. Our global targets are 50% females and 25% POC in our leadership team across the agency by 2023.