Bill Brock


Bill launched AnalogFolk with Matt Dyke in 2008. In the years since, he’s worked to instil a culture of innovation within the agency as well as with our clients. Passionate about delivering cutting-edge creativity to clients on a global scale, Bill has spent the last two years spearheading AnalogFolk’s expansion in Australia, Asia and the US.

Prior to AnalogFolk, Bill spent 10 years working for Tribal DDB and Red Sky Interactive in London and San Francisco, where he honed his skills with clients including Volkswagen, Guinness, Miller Brewing Company, Absolut Vodka and Nike.

Bill is a published photographer and former restaurateur. He also loves classic cars and spends many a weekend tinkering with his 1972 Spitfire and 1965 Mustang. (By tinkering, he means standing in a puddle of oil scratching his head.)

Piece of technology I don’t miss: “That’s a hard one, as old technology plays an important role in paving the way for new. But the most frustrating one for me was the CD, simply because I’m a traveller and the format was a big step back in portability. Cassette tapes were more compact and durable, and, with a mix tape, you could travel for weeks with just one cassette.”

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