Chris Ryan

Managing Director & Partner

Chris started out in the world of responsive marketing in the mid 90’s before moving in 2001 to ‘the future face of marketing’, as it was called back then.  He worked in client leadership and strategy roles for Modem Media in London (later to be rebranded Digitas) before moving to Hong Kong in 2008 as MD for Isobar. After a stretch in Singapore, he returned to Hong Kong to launch our Asian presence. If he gets out of the office for lunch, Chris can be found at a local restaurant, enjoying the Hong Kong delicacy of stewed chicken feet in abalone sauce. If ever you’re in town, you’re welcome to join him.

Piece of technology I don't miss: "The tiny 'pocket' Citizen TV. I bought one because I was fascinated by the idea that I could sit in my car at a rest-stop at the age of 18 and watch very fuzzy TV broadcasts of 4 UK terrestrial channels on a tiny fold-up screen. The portable, full colour screen and broadcast of programmes was ready for today's mobile world but not quite ready for the late 1980s. I've given away my age."

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