Matt Dyke


Matt is a lateral thinker with more than 15 years’ experience in digital, consumer, brand and communications planning. He dislikes the ‘ivory tower’ stereotype of strategic thinking and prefers that his team work collaboratively with our clients to develop breakthrough ideas. With a passionate interest in technology and digital culture, Matt has also become a pioneering voice on how the digital and physical worlds are fusing to create opportunities for brands.

Prior to AnalogFolk, Matt was Head of Planning at DDB London and a Campaign ‘Face to Watch’ as Worldwide Strategy Director for Tribal DDB. He was one of the first digital planners in the industry and won creative effectiveness awards for Philips, Volkswagen, British Gas, The Guardian and Hasbro. He’s also judged numerous creative awards, including D&AD and Campaign.

He likes to think of himself as a multi-talented rock star. Truth be told, he’s a poorly self-taught guitarist and only half-decent saxophonist, but he can certainly hold a note with a mic in his hand. When he’s not making sweet music, Matt screams and shouts at men. As an Arsenal season ticket holder, his mood on any given morning is totally dependent on what happened at The Emirates the night before.

Piece of technology I don’t miss: “The Sony Aibo. In theory, the first robotic dog should have been a cause for celebration. No more walking, picking up poo and forking out for kennels. In practice, they were even more needy than the real thing. With Sony as a client, we used to have two of them in our office at Tribal in 2000. Both ‘died’ within six months and had to be returned to the factory.”

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