10 Downing Tweet

This year’s fiercely contested general election has already been one of the most talked about ever, and it promises to take over social media from the minute the polls open on May 7th.

AnalogFolk London has created a 10 foot high replica of the iconic Number 10 door in its agency’s reception window. This will generate a real time visual footprint of the organic digital conversation happening.

This data will be displayed on the door as coloured triangles, with each one representing a tweet and using the distinctive colour of the party mentioned. Twitter will be monitored for use of the keywords people will naturally use in relation to each of the nine parties, including their names and their leaders.

This will provide easily digestible information about this complex and important social event, showing the public exactly which parties are being talked about throughout the day.

10 Downing Tweet from AnalogFolk on Vimeo.

“We wanted to create a way for people to engage with this year’s election” said AnalogFolk London’s Associate Creative Director, Vikesh Bhatt. “By showcasing the data we collect in an easily digestible way, we aim to not only help foster further engagement in this incredibly important occasion, but also provide a clear, understandable image of the nations thoughts throughout it.”

Continually updating, this visualisation of live events will provide people with an accurate representation of the constantly changing political conversation around an event that will impact the whole country.