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Facebook has long been famed for pushing code daily - "ship often" has become their engineering mantra. Meanwhile other established platforms are introducing new developments or advertising products weekly such as Twitter's recent experiments. Younger platforms with smaller teams make changes such as the introduction of Instagram video or Snapchat Stories that change the way users interact on the platforms. Meanwhile entirely new platforms emerge such as the rise of the ephemeralnet and its recent mutation into anonymous messaging platforms. These changes are prolific at every level and changing products and consumption habits inform brand social strategies.

Each week the social team at AnalogFolk filters through these updates collating the most pertinent developments into a Social Platforms Newsletter. This week the Social Newsletter celebrates its first anniversary so we took a look back through more than 200 stories we brought our readers and pulled out the most successful link for each week of the year.


52 things that defined the last year in social


1. Inside Patagonia's content machine

2. Facebook's cellular data deal in 18 markets

3. Ford brings Spotify's database to new buyers

4. Pheed launches as the number one social network

5. Twitter launches @music

6. Antisocial media

7. Google's Pinterest

8. Social is bigger than TV

9. Facebook launches 'Home'

10. Nokia's WhatsApp button

11. Instagram launches tagging

12. Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1bn

13. Twitter launches TV ad targeting

14. Facebook follows Twitter with verified profiles

15. ask.fm grows for all the wrong reasons

16. Facebook follows Twitter with #hashtags

17. Instagram launches video

18. Google launches Mine

19. Social media in the 17th Century

20. LinkedIn launches promoted posts

21. Secret messaging app Hemlis launches

22. Facebook launches Graph Search

23. Pinterest launches email price alerts

24. Facebook introduces Story Bumping

25. Facebook to launch VIP app for celebs

26. Facebook launches shared photo albums

27. Facebook revise their promotional guidelines

28. BA customer promotes Twitter complaint

29. Instagram launches ads

30. Twitter announces IPO

31. Pinterest announces ads platform

32. Social videomaker app Jumpcam launches

33. Snapchat launches Stories

34. Foursquare launches real-time recommendations

35. Introducing Whisper (anonymous Instagram)

36. Instagram ads launch

37. Twitter shows images inline

38. Google launches Helpouts

39. Pinterest allows pins to be embedded

40. Twitter launches TV conversation targeting

41. Instagram launches Direct Messages

42. Facebook confirms reach decline

43. WhatsApp snaps up 400m users

44. Vine launches web profiles

45. YouTube announces 4k streaming

46. Jelly launches

47. Facebook launches trending topics

48. Google+ launches spam

49. Pinterest launches recipe pins

50. Facebook announces Paper app

51. Microsoft invests $15m in Foursquare

52. Pinterest redesigns mobile site


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