a2 Milk launches comical 'welcome back to milk' videos

af_The a2 Milk Company_’Welcome back to milk’ - Milk Thief
The a2 Milk Company has launched a series of online videos showing people rediscovering milk in comical ways. Created by AnalogFolk, the disruptive films are targeted at a UK audience and aim to grab the attention of viewers, encouraging consumers who wouldn’t usually consider drinking milk to learn more about a2 Milk. The videos all feature the tagline ‘welcome back to milk’. At the end of each video a viewer is directed to watch an explanatory product film outlining why a2 Milk is different.

The videos (shown below) are housed on a2 Milk UK’s YouTube channel and are supported by 4OD and online advertising.

The a2 Milk Company produces real fresh milk and milk based products for people who don’t get on with milk. Its products come from cows specially selected only to produce milk with the A2 protein, which has been found by many to be easier to digest.

In the UK, a2 Milk began trading in 2012 and following the implementation of a new UK business structure in 2014 the company began ramping up marketing investment. AnalogFolk was appointed on a global level in November 2014.