Hack Festival 2015 roundup: Using digital to improve transport


By Ben Bishop

At AnalogFolk we know taking an agile approach helps us get across our creative vision and puts working prototypes in the hands of our clients – faster. In fact we are so passionate about making that we celebrate it once a year with the AnalogFolk Hack Festival.

Making the analog world a better place by making the projects open source.

On Saturday 4th July 2015 over 70 developers, designers and strategic thinkers converged on the AnalogFolk London office to spend the day with their peers to solve one problem:

“How can we use digital to make the analog experience of transport better?”

Not only where the attendees flexing their creative muscles to be crowned “AnalogFolk Winners 2015” but also the chance of bagging a cool £1000 in cash!

The day started fast with only 10 hours before the teams had to present their hacks, AnalogFolk’s own Creative Technical Director, Des Holmes explained the brief for the day and also introduced the three judges:


Will Henderson  / James Miller / Hugo Fonseca

Will Henderson Product Manager from what3words gave the teams an overview of their location mapping solution that teams could use to enhance their hack.

Des then explained hacks would be judged on the following criteria:

Faster: How can you get from A to B in the quickest, most efficient way?
Cheaper: How can you travel in the most cost effective way without compromising efficiency?
Greener: How can you create less waste, emissions and pollution and help towards a cleaner journey?
Safer: How can you improve the safety of travelling around London?

As the clock chimed 10:30am the teams partnered up and went off to find a corner of the office where they could brainstorm ideas and start getting down to the hacking.

The sound of voices quickly subsided and was replaced with the rapid tapping of keys.

As the clock counted down towards the 8pm deadline, an air of confidence grew across some of the teams who finished early whilst others were frantically still coding away.

After a long day for the teams it was finally time to stop coding and present their hacks to the judges. Each team was given 5 minutes to present their idea and give a demonstration via a working prototype.

After some great demos, the judges went to deliberate and the teams enjoyed a much-deserved refreshing beverage. The judges soon decided on the prize winner and it was down to our host Des Holmes to present…

1st prize to Dumbo-Route for their app to helping people remember directions. This used a clever combination of Ionic, what3words API and Google Street view.
Repo: https://github.com/AnalogFolk/hack15-team07

2nd prize to Barbarians who created a Chrome Extension that takes any address and provides a QR code that can be scanned to give you directions in your application of choice.
Repo: https://github.com/AnalogFolk/hack15-team03

3rd prize to Gaffer & Grain who matched commuters based on the personal tastes to make commuting safer & more enjoyable. Ideas stemmed around getting taxi’s together is you were heading in the same direction and even a book club on the tube!
Repo: https://github.com/AnalogFolk/hack15-team05

The AnalogFolk Hack Day 2015 was a great day for everyone involved. Next year will be bigger and better! We hope to see more new faces in 2016.