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Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year

In 2020, AnalogFolk was named as Campaign's Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year and in doing so we fulfilled an ambition we’ve had since our 2008 launch – to be regarded as the world’s most innovative creative agency. We took the opportunity to reflect on how, in the next stage of the company’s journey, we can use this platform to push for a new ambition focused on the positive impact we can have on society. This is our new North Star.

Join us on our journey We passionately believe in our new North Star. And we know that passion is what’s needed, as well as dedication, to create tangible positive impact on society. We also know it’s not just about us. We look forward to working with partners who are focusing their intent in the same direction. If that’s you, email

We use digital to make the analog world better.

Digital technology is the most disruptive force our world has ever seen. And it’s not good or bad. It’s how we use it that matters. We use it to make the analog world better with everything we create. That can be one person’s world, or our world as a whole. It can improve someone’s experience with a brand. Or have a positive societal impact.

We do this by focusing on the intersection of business goals, digital technology and the human experience. We identify where technology can improve social outcomes and use our creativity to unlock progressive solutions.

Our new ambition is to be an impactful agency of change for people, brands and society in pursuit of a better world.

We are an agency of impact. Our progressive work moves our people, our industry and our world forward. We believe it’s not what we say, but what we do that matters. At AnalogFolk, innovation and doing good go hand in hand. We always consider the impact of what we create and how we create it. Every one of our Folk is an empowered agent of change. Progressive creativity will lead us to make the world we want to live in, together.


Uplift diverse voices. Everyone is an agent of change. We foster an enlightened and empowered culture by actively creating an environment where diverse people and perspectives can not only be heard, but thrive.


Create meaningful impact. We use our platform, as an employer, an agency, and a corporate citizen, to create systematic impact in the world around us - being a leading voice in the pursuit of a better world.


Make it progressive. Creativity and technology are our greatest weapons in the fight for change. We believe progressive work is the most innovative work. Instead of striving to simply do something new, we focus on creating progress that builds trust in brands. Our work, and how we create it, moves the world forward.


Change the face of the industry. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. As we shift from performative activism to demonstrable change - we will continue to grow our influence by being the most sought after partner for the world’s most progressive people and brands.

Where we are and where we’re going


Now Our current stats exceed industry averages in the markets we operate.*

41% of our leadership is female.

19% of our leadership are PoC (People of Colour).**

9 The number of nationalities*** that our leadership represents.

Next We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but our new North Star will push us even further so our offices fully reflect the diversity of the cities they operate in. We want AnalogFolk to be known as a place where diverse people and perspectives can not only be heard but thrive, all over the globe.

We’ll continue to push recruitment of under- represented communities and marginalised voices across our agencies, at all levels. We’ll augment that with investments in specific mentoring and allyship programmes that will identify and uplift female and PoC rising stars.

Our global commitments;

Going forward we are committed to ensuring that our leadership will be 50% female and 25% PoC by 2023.



Globally, our AnalogFolk community is active in driving diversity through a wide range of industry partnerships, and their impact can be seen across the business.

The organisations we support include Creative Equals, Creative Mentoring Network, Leonard Cheshire, Free the Bid and The Agency Circle. Our participation is helping to bring more gender, ethnic and neurodiverse talent into the industry.

Next We will continue to work with our current partners and other organisations who are striving to make tangible change in our industry. Working within the agency industry to enable access is only one part of equality, though. To have wider impact, it needs to be at the heart of all the work we do. We’re going to actively change how we design and deliver projects. We’ll elect to work with partners who share our values and passionate belief in driving equality at every point of the creative and production process.


Now We’re proud that our work is how we bring our mission – we use digital to make the analog world better – to life in the real world. It’s how we can see its positive impact and that it means something valuable for people, as well as brands.

Nike Stop at Nothing

Inspiring young Milanese women to get active, changing negative perceptions about sportswomen in Italy [read more].

Chivas The Venture A global programme that gives critical recognition and funding to social entrepreneurs whose ideas will change the world for the better [read more]. LUNA Bar A digital platform inspiring everyone to drive equality, through simple actions they can carry out every day [read more]. Next We’re seeking to sit down with clients who lead the social impact agenda for their brands, and demonstrate to them why they should consider AnalogFolk as a partner for driving innovation and impact.


Now We invest our money, time and skills in developing ideas that use technology to create a positive impact on fighting inequality.
Ideas like, launched for IWD 2020. Women are four times more likely to use language that undermines value, so is an AI tool that highlights passive language and give suggestions to enable anyone, especially women, to self-promote with impact [read more]. Next We’re going to be doubling down on the successes of We’ll continue to scale our investments in-line with our own growth, to actively move society forward towards equality.
  *The top 42 executive and discipline leads in our company, across all AnalogFolk offices. **Representing the following regions – Europe, North America, Afro-Caribbean, Sub Saharan Africa, East Asia, Southern Asian and Latin American. ***Nigerian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Costa Rican, Grenadian, British, Canadian, American, Finnish, South African, Australian.
AnalogFolk boosts experience design ranks with appointment of Yasmin Nestlen as Executive Experience Director

AnalogFolk boosts experience design ranks with appointment of Yasmin Nestlen as Executive Experience Director

AnalogFolk, the global independent creative agency, has bolstered its experience design ranks with the hire of Yasmin Nestlen, former Chief Experience Officer at Tribal Worldwide.

Making It In The Creative Industry: AdNight Special Edition

Making It In The Creative Industry: AdNight Special Edition

AnalogFolk Amsterdam will host an evening of conversation, music, and drinks on Friday 13th October as part of Adnight 2023.