Apple Product Event Predictions

Ahead of Apple’s new product launch today, we take a look at some of the predictions and features the AnalogFolk London Tech Team want to see come out of Cupertino. Will our predictions come to fruition or will we be left with a pile of rotten apples? We’ll find out at 6pm.

iPhone 6

It’s well documented that today’s main event is the unveiling of Apple’s new flagship smartphone. The iPhone 6 is tipped to have a larger screen (4.7"), and possibly come with a plus sized sibling (sporting a palm stretching 5.5" screen). Here’s what our team had to say...

"I want to see something that actually stands out, for too long Apple have just copied others and rebranded it as ’innovative’. They need to do something new and exciting" Giovanna Ruiu, Junior Creative Technologist

"Apple are expected to be adding NFC to the iPhone, I want to be able to pay for things by tapping my phone on a pay point." Fame Razak, Chief Technology Officer (who wrote What marketers need to know about the iPhone 6 last month)

"2x Retina assets are out, it looks like Apple are going to be supporting 3x on the new iPhone. With a predicted 1704 x 960 resolution. I also don’t think we will see a larger 5.5’’ iPhone announced today, we’ll only see one model in Tim Cook’s hands this evening." Mate Marschalko, Senior Creative Technologist

"I’d like to see Passbook actually become useful, with the functionality of NFC it would be great to use it as a replacement to my Oyster card" Jay Tang, Creative Technologist


Announced a few months ago, iOS8 is the next major version of the mobile, tablet, and potentially wearable, operating system. Many of the features have already been released to Developers, but Apple always like to hold something back.

"Homekit and Healthkit both hold a lot of potential for the Apple ecosystem, I’m really looking forward to them expanding on the functionality and starting to see some real-world usage." Fame Razak, Chief Technology Officer

"Improvements to Siri are long overdue, both Google and Microsoft have made Siri look rather basic in it’s functionality. I expect Apple to announce some pretty big improvements to the voice assistant." Ben Bishop, Creative Technologist

"Augmented Reality isn’t an area Apple has really tapped into, I’d like to see them make use of this a bit more within their map and location based apps." Dan Dvoracek, Junior Creative Technologist


iWatch / Apple Wearable

The much rumoured Apple wearable is expected to be announced at todays event, it’s hard to predict what a device that doesn’t exist yet will do...

"Part of the bigger picture is the desire for development to move away from Objective-C, and the wearable might be the catalyst for that. I anticipate that the iWatch will only accept applications coded in Apple’s new language, Swift." Ian Brennan, Head of Technical Concepting

"The ability to track wellbeing, and not just activity, through the wearable is appealing. What’s my body temperature? Am I sleeping well? When am I most productive? These are the questions I’d like to see the device answer." Des Holmes, Creative Technical Director

"Close collaboration with Nike on the sport tracking is a must, being associated with a leading brand will help drive sales." Judit Greskovits, Creative Technologist

"I want it to track my body temperature, and turn down the heating when I get to hot. Something that’s completely doable given currently available technology." John Kilpatrick, Senior Creative Technologist

"Nike will be heavily involved, having recently dissolved their Fuel Band hardware team I expect them to partner with Apple and fill the gap in the market. iOS8 already has referenced to Nike Fuel Points in it, so I expect an announcement explaining this relationship later today." James Miller, Lead Creative Technologist

"There has been a lack of hardware innovation at Apple over recent years, and they will heavily rely on iOS8 improvements to sell their devices. A lot of focus will be on the wearable today, and how that ties in with iOS8." Luís Rodrigues, Creative Technologist

[caption id="attachment_1518" align="aligncenter" width="737"]iWatch concept / Todd Ham iWatch concept / Todd Ham[/caption]