Boomers to Zoomers – necessity is your mother on WhatsApp

Q: Among which segments will the behaviour changes be the most prevalent? 

Older generations have been hit the hardest by Covid-19’s mortality statistics, but also by its restrictions on movement. Because, unlike younger people, they didn’t go into this with the skills to migrate their real-world social interactions to digital channels.

But the bright light is, ‘from necessity comes Nana on WhatsApp’. Brands, and sons and daughters, have woken up to their role in helping older people embrace digital. And the elderly have finally seen them as must-have skills, not something for the grandkids. Once the domain of the youth, apps like TikTok and Houseparty are seeing massive growth with the middle-aged.

We see this across the board in terms of digital behaviours, from retirees to digitally distant middle-aged dads. From the use of memes to express themselves or provide light relief, to digital sources of news from a content perspective into channels like instant messaging and video chat, and e-commerce for shopping. 

Confidence was always the primary problem, rather than skills in the strictest sense. But, having been forced to give it a go, people of all generations are becoming more sophisticated netizens. 

A: Changes will be the most profound among older consumers, where the bulk of buying power for many FMCG brands lives.

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