Intelligence Report: Automotive – Digital Futures


AnalogFolk has launched a report exploring the technological and consumer trends redefining the way in which we buy, sell and own cars.

Automotive – Digital Futures’ analyses the increasing tension on car companies in the face of the ever-evolving digital landscape, and outlines innovative solutions that can be taken to stimulate commercial success.

There are various territories studied throughout the report, including:

> The customer journey
> Business model opportunities
> Millennials and car buying habits
> Interactive retail experiences
> Connected cars
> In-car offers and promotions
> The environment
> Cars as additional service providers

You can read the report on the AnalogFolk Think site, which features the various intelligence reports created by the agency. Free print copies of ‘Automotive – Digital Futures’ can also be ordered via the link.

AnalogFolk makes and markets interactive experiences and has extensive automotive knowledge and expertise. The agency prides itself on its understanding of how trends can be utilised to create real value and as a result trigger business transformation.