Malibu puts spotlight on summer with innovative global marketing campaign


Malibu, the Caribbean rum with coconut flavour owned by Pernod Ricard, is launching an innovative global marketing campaign called the ‘Best Summer Ever Project’ aiming to inspire consumers to help create the ultimate list of summer experiences.

The ‘Best Summer Ever Project’ encourages Malibu drinkers the world over to unleash their ‘summer you’ and is based on the insight that they feel free and happy during this time of year. The activity builds upon the cultural phenomenon amongst young adults who are already documenting and sharing memorable summer experiences through social media.

Created by AnalogFolk London, the digital and social media-focused content campaign for Malibu comprises of two key stages and is open to participation from consumers who are of legal drinking age. The campaign will run in key markets, including the UK and US.

The first major part of the Malibu campaign – the ‘Best Summer Ever Project’ content hub – launches in June and encourages consumers to help curate a collection of over 100 summer experiences to create the definitive list, which can be shared with friends. The hub will be hosted on a premium YouTube channel and provide inspiring content, which will be used across Malibu social channels.

The list will then be brought to life for the second phase of the campaign – a 40-day reality series, whereby a group of friends will go on an unforgettable road trip, taking on the summer experiences from the list. This journey will be documented and video content will be shared on the bespoke Malibu YouTube content hub, as well as across social channels.

Sina Neubrandt, Digital Content and Community Manager at Malibu, said: ‘Our ambition is to become the most talked about spirits brand during the summer period. With the launch of our innovative digital content campaign, we want to open a dialogue with our target audience and inspire them to have the best summer of their lives.’

As part of overall campaign local markets will be able to customise digital content, incorporating any promotional components.