Mobile-Friendly is Shopper-Friendly

mobile-friendly-shopper-friendlyBy Nick McWilliams

Mobile devices have a pervasive presence throughout the latest edition of the AF Journal. To be fair, it’s hardly a shock given their pervasive presence throughout most things these days. Whether it’s creating seamless retail journeys, offering personalised service, or reducing the time at the in-store check-out, retailers are heavily reliant on those little devices we carry around in our pockets. So although we’ve mentioned a load of strategies for integrating mobile devices into the shopping journey, it seems a worthy exercise to highlight specific tactics a retailer could implement.

Mobile loyalty scheme

Whether it takes the form of discounts, special offers, points, or prizes, retailers have been using loyalty schemes for decades. But shoppers no longer want to fill their pockets up with physical cards. Instead, they should be able to track and redeem rewards via their smartphones. Services like Collect – who offer cloudbased loyalty solutions for stores – are making this a far simpler tactic to execute than it has been in the past.

Mobile assistance

I think it’s fair to say Google and Apple hold some clout over consumer behaviours. And with both offering mobile wallet solutions, mobile payment is being adopted at pace, gradually eradicating the need for cards and cash. Good news if you’re particularly forgetful. To ensure long-term success, retailers must support multiple payment technologies – not only Apple Pay and Google Wallet, but also the less renowned solutions like CurrentC’s app and beacon tech.

Mobile payment

84% of US shoppers have difficulty finding products on store shelves, and 20% have left without buying what they initially came for. Mobile tactics can be used to create frictionless shopping experiences and reduce this drop-off. How about attaching in-store shopping navigation to a shopping list app, guiding shoppers on the optimal path to get everything they need? You’d be creating a quick and easy experience for the customer and (as a bonus) it’d provide retailers with an invaluable data channel to analyse shopping behaviours.

Article taken from the AF Journal Vol.3 – The Retail Edition