Sainsbury’s launches voice distortion Halloween app


Sainsbury’s has launched a Halloween-themed app, which brings its spooky costumes to life with an interactive twist.

The new ‘Spooky Speaker’ app uses voice distortion technology to transform speech, coupled with an animated mouth to help children become their Halloween characters. Users simply record phrases through the app and play them back in a chosen character’s voice, holding the device in front of their mouth so that friends can also see the animated mouth in action.

The six voices available are Witch, Frankenstein, Pirate, Vampire, Skeleton, and Zombie and match costumes available in Sainsbury’s stores and online, adding value to the range by making them interactive.

The app is available to download to UK users of Android and iOS devices.

AnalogFolk London has created ‘Spooky Speaker’ app, along with related marketing activity. In-store, mobile and online advertising, social media and print will drive engagement with the activity and provide additional ideas and inspiration around food, decorations and games for families during Halloween. As well as point-of-sale, in-store activity also includes PA systems being distorted with a chosen spooky voice from the app.

Meera Folkes, Digital Marketing Manager at Sainsbury’s, said: ‘Spooky Speaker helps parents turn Halloween celebrations up a notch. It’s a fantastic example of how Sainsbury’s encourages families to ‘Live Well For Less’, by bringing costumes to life at no extra cost.’

For more fun and interactive ideas from Sainsbury’s to keep the kids entertained at Halloween, please visit the Halloween campaign hub.