The bank is dead. Long live banking.

The financial services sector is going through a dramatic transformation. This is creating massive disruption, but also opportunities for those who dare to challenge long-held conventions and move quickly to embrace change.

At AnalogFolk, we believe digital devices, tools, content and experiences should bring positive change to the analog world. Our teams around the globe are working with some of the world’s biggest financial services brands and, as such, have developed a unique perspective on how new technologies are impacting the sector and customer.

The journal unpacks some of the key themes...

Do you know the rules of banking  
If we live in a world where the biggest holiday bookings company doesn't own a single room and the largest taxi firm doesn't own a cab, why should you have to be a bank to take deposits, lend money or manage payments? Welcome to the new rules of banking.

9 reasons banks need to take natural languages interfaces seriously
The most successful tech slots seamlessly into people's lives, so if banks want to hold onto customers, it's essential they make services personal, quick and natural to use.

The fintech strategies to steal
China's domestic internet finance industry has been growing at an exponential rate because it listens and learns from its market. It's just overtaken the US as the biggest fintech market in the world. There's no legacy; it's creating banking from the ground up. Here are the 6 key strategies to takeaway.

This start-up knows how to get spenders saving. It's just a matter of trust
Plum's digital personal savings assistant makes putting away money for a rainy day effortless, the company's growth hacker, Joel MacDonald, in conversation with Fame about how the model works and where it goes from here.

Winning over generation Y
When it comes to finance, the much maligned 'carefree' millennials could turn out to be the savviest group of all. But with Gen Y turning away from traditional financial services, how can banks attract the millennial pound?

How to survive and thrive in the fintech revolution
Futurist and Moven CEO Brett King shares his take on what's driving change in the financial sector, what younger customers are looking for, and who the winners will be.

This is how to make innovation happen in your business. Actually happen
Now more than ever, innovation is crucial if banks are to thrive. These simple tools, tips and techniques will help bring your vision to life.

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