Analog Folk

Ecommerce & Technology

Solving business problems through software engineering that delivers intuitive and immersive customer experiences.

We're proud to be technology-accredited partners for some of the world’s leading brands, many of whom operate in highly regulated sectors including pharma and financial services.

We create robust platforms and applications that generate real value for users, with the utmost care given to security, data integrity and scalability. We’re constantly evolving our processes and practices to deliver best-in-class, end-to-end solutions in every engagement.

Platform engineering

The digital landscape has never been more flexible and inventive, but added opportunities can create more complexity. With the help of our processes and knowledge, we design, architect and deliver the right solutions. We focus on meeting business needs in the short and long term while adhering to the strictest standards of accessibility, data, security, automation and scalability.

E-commerce solutions

Trading through digital channels requires many moving parts to work together seamlessly, and our deep understanding of the entire process has been essential to both established eCommerce organisations and those at the beginning of their journey. We can create solutions from scratch as well as base our work on existing platforms and legacy systems.

Responsive websites & mobile applications

We believe eye-catching, intuitive solutions make a tangible difference to user experience; whether dealing with dashboards, native mobile applications or websites. We build solutions that are carefully crafted at every stage to make them enjoyable and robust in every aspect such as data security and privacy.

In-house technology teams

Collaborative working is key to creating engineered solutions that help businesses achieve their objectives. We can support projects and engagements by providing experts that can quickly join teams to push a project and opportunity forward.

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