The start of 2017 marked a turning point for activism in the United States. But consumer’s tolerance for brands trying to capitalize on these moments to make their own statements is at an all-time low.


On January 21, women and men gathered to make an unwavering statement about equality at the global Women’s March. LUNA Bar, a brand rooted in supporting women for over 20 years, wanted to show support by using their platform to amplify their voices. Instead of joining the conversation, we handed the mic to the marchers.



A small, nimble team hit the streets during the Washington DC march with one goal - amplify the stories of marchers beyond the city limits. In honor of 1.21, 121 unique voices were curated and broadcast across Instagram Stories, Facebook videos, Twitter updates, paid posts and LUNA’s site. Turning their channels, influence and media money into a megaphone for women everywhere.



The Women's March on Washington may have been just one day, but its impact rippled far beyond. We set our KPIs a little differently for this campaign - measuring success in statements of gratitude, hugs, and smiles - for which there were too many to count. The initiative was also covered by Adweek and the blog post remains to have double the average time spent compared to other articles on LUNA's page on