Over 73% of all car buyers use online research and social media as their most trusted source of information when buying a car, but when the average online attention span is just 4.1 seconds, how does a new car cut-through and make a dent?

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Introducing 4 second car reviews.

Over 25 different, made for the internet reviews delivering some absurdly sensible benefits to potential buyers.

Starring a dog, a cactus, a time traveller and a flat earther to name but a few, this campaign features 25 quirky, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them car reviews from motoring ‘experts’ all lending their unique perspectives on the new ‘Absurdly Sensible’ Hyundai Venue.

The campaign also takes a trip down memory lane, with a host of naughties Hollywood icons including Flava Flav, Carson Kressley, Tori Spelling, Lance Bass, Corey Feldman and The Bounty Hunter, all delivering their 4 Second Car Reviews via the use of Cameo app.


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There are over 25 different 4 Second Car Reviews so far, running across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, with further consumer engagement coming throughout 2020.

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So far the campaign has been seen over 6 million times on YouTube alone and has achieved a staggering 48% view through rate - half of all viewers have watched right through to the end.

On Facebook the reviews have double the typical amount of ad recall - 12% versus a control group norm of just 6%. Our FB activity also showed a 68% increase in consideration for Hyundai Venue with females – our primary target audience. For a campaign focused on creating noise and attention in the small SUV category this is an incredible start.

4 Second reviews has also been nominated as a finalist at the Australian Effie Awards in two categories, for Most Original Thinking and Challenger Brands.


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