Atlanta, GA was a must-win market for Nike and home to Super Bowl LIII. As a part of the brand’s ‘Dreams Are Made Here’ initiative, the Studio of Dreams brand space was open for all. But the customization experiences within it were costly and inaccessible to the typical ATL kid who the brand was trying to connect with.


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AirDrop1 - The first shoe drop using AirDrop. We made it rain AirForce1s from the cloud with a unique 1:1 experience that democratized the shoe drop and delivered an elite Nike experience to anyone who was in the right place, at the right time.



Those who accepted were treated to one of a series of super-short videos featuring a local Atlanta designer customizing jerseys and Air Force 1s, and then invited to Atlanta boutique A Ma Maniere (trendy, hipster sneaker shop) receive a 1:1 jersey designed by one of the 4 ATL designers, and a customization session to design their own AirForce1s.

Knowing ATL musicians were sharing tracks with fans through AirDrop, we used the feature to send custom videos to surprise fans in the Studio of Dreams. If they accepted, they were rewarded with a unique, 1:1 experience including a custom jersey designed by Atlanta designers Dr. Dax, Zipporah Joel, Debbi Snax or FRKO and an Air Force 1 customization session at A Ma Maniere.


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AirDrop1 connected Nike to the ATL audience in a way the city demands - authentically. Each drop proved ‘Dreams Are Made Here’ was more than a pithy campaign line. The experiences were shared by the designers and consumers alike. Even sparking friends to try and score their own experiences by trolling @USNikeFootball’s Instagram account.