To help Casella Wines move into a new category and launch a craft beer called ARVO in to the extremely crowded and competitive Australian market. An additional challenge was that the actual brew of the beer had not even been created yet, so we had no idea what it might taste like or how it would be positioned.


We turned the challenge of not yet having a brew of the beer into an advantage. We decided to launch a beer… without the beer. The Perfect Lager Project was born, to create the world’s first crowdbrewed beer.


We distributed a mobile app to two thousand taste-makers to capture information about their beer drinking preferences, everything from the beer they consumed to the environment in which they drank them. This information was then used by Casella’s master brewers, to produce two potentially perfect lagers and then handed them back to the Australian public to choose the champion. AnalogFolk developed the Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging, Communications Strategy and TTL Creative Concepting and Production (TV advertising, 3D Cinema Advertising, Print, OOH, POS, Web and Mobile) as well as collaborating on the media planning and distributor road show.


The campaign did more than just break new ground, it delivered phenomenal  results, most notably leading to 4x greater retail distribution and 5x greater sales than targeted in the first 6 months. The campaign was a huge success with consumers, retailers (who loved the split pack product innovation) and with award juries, who handed out gold and silver in the digital and integrated categories to the project at Spikes Asia 2012.