In 2014, Malibu faced a growing problem. It was no longer relevant amongst its target of young Millennials and was failing to recruit new drinkers. So Malibu asked us to get the brand back on track with a new global campaign to increase awareness, relevance and buzz.

It was clear we needed to start approaching summer just as our target audience do, and give the brand a greater role in their summer. Inspired by a product truth and audience insight we asked ourselves; ‘How can Malibu help young drinkers feel free and happy, so they get the most out of summer?’


Building upon the cultural phenomenon amongst young adults who are documenting and sharing memorable summer experiences through social media, we created the Best Summer Ever Project. The guide to summer, at it’s heart was the #BestSummerEver list, the ultimate list of summer experiences - the inspiration to how to get the most out of summer.


We created a bespoke hub on YouTube which housed all the content from the Best Summer Ever Project. We gave people the chance to browse and create their own list of summer experiences as a bit of fun – but the biggest part of the campaign saw a cast of five strangers go on a forty-day trip around Europe and the States.
Armed with a small crew, go-pros and mobile phones and travelling in a cool retro campervan, they were tasked with ticking off the list and broadcasting the whole journey for the YouTube community.


The Best Summer Ever Project made Malibu relevant again. In six-weeks we created 200 pieces of original content, including 40 truly entertaining videos, to generate:

  • 21m impressions, including 10m video views
  • 765% increase in subscribers in week one
  • Total viewing time at 10 years plus
  • Video completion rate as high as 26%
  • An increase in buzz of 275% - mentions of ‘Malibu & summer’ up over 40%

The YouTube community directly influenced the content - one even created videos in response to the show - whilst they begged for longer episodes.

Our innovative approach was also recognised at the global Content Marketing Awards, winning Best Use of YouTube/Vimeo/Video.