Few companies are powered by data like As a digital company, driven by constantly testing and optimising its platform, it was making surprisingly little use of other digital channels to drive traffic. In fact, most of its advertising muscle was still TV based.

Its ATL ads sold the ‘click to book’ moment. Except, there was a lot of competition for that moment, even from Google itself. That’s awkward given that was spending $1 billion per quarter with Google on search advertising. We needed to help the brand stand out in a sea of functional choices, and make it about more than just booking.

Solution is driven by data, and so was our campaign platform. Booking Loves uncovered and retold the human stories in Booking,com data, transforming the brand from a booking engine to a consideration engine.

From football to food, shopping to beaches, data told us all the passionate reasons people travel, and these passions were the compelling launch pad for multiple interest-led campaigns, especially when combined with seasonal insights and our wide knowledge of travel industry trends.


When the data revealed interest in Munich hotels would spike before Oktoberfest but dip for the rest of the year, we saw a chance to piggyback the conversation, We sent an agile team to the city to capture first-hand stories about its lesser-known attractions, publishing content live across the brand’s social channels to encourage year-round bookings.

We also transformed the way the brand worked with influencers. In a bold move, we tested A-list celebrities such as Thierry Henry against credible micro and macro influencers, finding the latter generated more site traffic.


This approach turned the brand’s Instagram account from a complaints hub to a positive space to rival that of a premium publisher. And it helped this travel booking brand be part of travel dreaming and travel planning moments, too.


increase in Instagram followers during first year


increase in site traffic and 27% VTR


reduction in CPC