Due to a decline in physical activity, today’s children may be the first generation in history to have a life expectancy shorter than their parents. Designed To Move plans to change that.


Add simplicity to a complex problem, making it easier for parents, politicians and school administrators to find the talking points they need to effectively execute change in their neighborhoods.



Designed To Move is a multi-faceted, global web platform and call to action that uses a unique, card-based system to give change-makers the power to create their own playbook, effectively putting the tools in their hands to develop customized arguments to influence those in power.

Through simple storytelling and an easy to navigate user interface, the multi-lingual site enables visitors to quickly understand the serious problems facing children today, while also allowing them to delve into deeper complexity at the click of a button. The platform integrated social and web-cookies to allow users to save facts and information, create executive summaries, and develop agendas using the arguments most relevant to them and their community.


Since launch, Designed To Move has grown from a site only supporting English speaking countries to now helping create change in nations across the planet. As an organization, Designed To Move has solidified partnerships with major governments and NGOs to affect change in communities on the local, national and global level, effectively helping craft the dialogue between activists and policy makers.