Across the country, kids’ involvement in sport is at an all time low and participation in football is in decline. Nike wanted to inspire the next generation to get out on the field, regardless of the challenges holding them back.


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The Destroy Doubt Tour — a multi-city bus tour hosting camps in underserved communities. Each stop was led by Antonio Brown, living proof that an overlooked prospect from a rough neighborhood could use work ethic and determination to realize his dream.

Five weeks. Six cities. One mission — show the youth of today that they can be the football of tomorrow. With AB at the helm, Nike outfitted a tour bus and drove from Miami to LA, visiting high school football players who had recently experienced serious doubt and hardship. Each location needed an extra dose of inspiration, from a team who lost a coach to gang violence to another that couldn’t even field a full roster.



We handed the microphone to the students, pros and coaches — giving them a voice along the tour through Nike’s first Medium blog. It was regularly updated with quotes, photos, and an embedded Google Map. The map was customized to show where the bus was in real time, recaps of each stop and bonus content from AB.

For every blog post we developed editorial content that lived across Nike’s handles and partner handles. We also leveraged native functionality to connect our pros to students using the Instagram Stories Q&A feature. Student athletes submitted their doubts and received a personalized message from greats like Jerry Rice, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Ryan Shazier.


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Kids across the nation were inspired as AB’s presence and story took over the summer. Content from the tour also helped tee up Nike US Football’s 2018-2019 seasonal story framework.

71.4 million reached
470k engagements
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The content was picked up by The Player’s Tribune and ESPN and won The Drum’s Creative Work of the Week


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