In 2014 we were set the task of assisting AkzoNobel grow the branded trade market across customer segments and its extensive brands. To do this, AkzoNobel wanted to bring its brands and professional services together for the first time in the digital space.


For the work to be a success we needed AkzoNobel Trade to be seen as a trusted service partner, not just a product provider. This would start by creating a single web platform, optimised to deliver content and services based on the user’s specific needs.


We set about consolidating 14 existing brand, service and audience segment sites. We audited and prioritised knowledge from thousands of pages to create one single optimised platform. The design incorporated an overarching identifiable style for the site as a whole, but allows the individual paint brands to customise their own pages. The website has also been built to be fully mobile optimised by using a responsive, flexible framework.


AkzoNobel has a platform that is now allowing the company to develop new, innovative services for Trade customers. So far, it has witnessed:

  • A reduction of bounce rate up to 50%. Now down to rates to just 30%
  • Conversions onsite over 2014 summer has improved 5x compared to 2013
  • Page views per session have increased 25% to 4.5
  • The site loads 3 ½ times quicker