We needed to redesign Dulux’s website to improve the user experience, increase engagement with the site and – ultimately – encourage more people to decorate with Dulux.


The Dulux website had a wealth of content, colours, products, tools and services. And that was a problem. If you’ve ever redecorated, you know the feeling. Standing in the paint aisle, staring at 49 shades of off-white and feeling completely lost. To address this, we reframed the website as a service. Taking cues from personal shopping, we created a site that only presents colours, content and tools when they were relevant and useful.


First we needed to understand Dulux’s users. How they shopped. How they would use the site. We then carefully mapped and prioritised all of Dulux’s content and functionality, identifying the key moments in the user journey that would be most useful. Finally, we ensured that the user experience continued after customers ordered a tester, by introducing a set of targeted emails to support and cross-sell.


The site is easier to navigate, with fewer menus, fewer pages and more intuitive exploration. Colours are revealed in steps to avoid overwhelming customers with too much choice, and visual inspiration is prioritised to help users see how different schemes might work. Dead-ends have been removed by offering relevant services just when users are getting stuck. Bounce rates have dropped, and dwell times are up. People are spending more time on the Dulux site, and more time exploring the key inspiration and colour sections. It has also encouraged people to take action, with an increase in consideration rates and our triggered emails outperforming industry benchmarks. But like all good sites, we will continue to optimise and build. So keep an eye on, and if you’re redecorating your living room soon, why not take a look?