LUNA Bar was lost in the over-crowded snack bar aisle. They needed to create a connection with their audience beyond the product. As a brand founded on supporting women, they looked to connect with their audience over a shared passion - equal pay. Because despite all of the progress for women’s rights in the past 50 years, women are still not paid equal pay for equal work.


LUNA Bar wanted to raise awareness for the pay gap. But they also wanted to do something about it.

On Equal Pay Day (April 4th) LUNA discounted all bars sold on by 20% and matched the discount with a donation to fund wage negotiation workshops hosted by the AAUW. Taking a 40% hit on their profit and putting their money where their mouth was.



The initiative was supported by a digital campaign rallying consumers to use their purchase power to support equal pay via promoted Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts along with online media, a partnership with Amazon, and a blogger network. Additionally LUNA enlisted the help of actress and activist, Gina Rodriguez, and to help spread the message through videos, social takeovers, interviews, and #20PercentCounts.

LUNA also gave a featured spot on it’s homepage encouraging women to sign up for wage negotiation workshops held free-of-cost by the AAUW across the country.

A discount + a donation. It’s something we all deserve.



While the fight for equal pay is far from over, LUNA Bar funded over 100 AAUW wage negotiation workshops. The four-week initiative gathered 2.8 million social media impressions, increased LUNA’s social following by 462%, and increased LUNA’s e-comm reach by 117%. In total the campaign garnered over 977 million total brand impressions. The work and team were recognized by Adweek, but even more important than any statistic, was the fan reactions LUNA received. “Thank you for your role in social activism. As a consumer, this speaks volumes to me! I will definitely support your product. Thank you!” - @kerryclingenpeel