After the 2016 election season, frustrations were high and driven by the inequality women faced in politics and culture. But there was also a general sense of fatigue. People wanted to do something but they didn’t know where to start when it came to the daunting task of fighting inequality.

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LUNA Bar, a brand founded on supporting women, didn’t want to talk about equality like everyone else. They wanted to do something about it. 

The idea was simple - a shift in mindset. What if it isn’t about fighting for equality after all? What if it’s about practicing it? Through what we do and say every day. The Equality Every Day platform is a movement from the ground up - providing simple things you can do daily to promote equality.

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The initiative launched on Equal Pay Day  by featuring a 20% discount on LUNA Bars and a 20% donation to the AAUW for wage negotiation workshops - turning the small act of buying a LUNA Bar into a way to advance equality. The program was supported with paid media on LUNA’s owned channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, .com) and amplified through partnerships with Gina Rodriguez,, and the AAUW.

By themselves, each small act offers a daily dose of progress. Taken together, they become a moving tide of momentum, creating conversations and challenging thinking everywhere, every day.  LUNA continues to create, curate, and collaborate on things you can do everyday to help support equality and the campaign won’t end until the need for it does.

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Small acts do make big change. With the support of LUNA's partners, the initiative launch was covered by dozens of media outlets for a total of 340 million earned media impressions. As a result, LUNA Bar's channels grew by 462% and the Equality Every Day hub remains page with the longest time spent out of all of LUNA Bar's pages. More importantly, countless people have used LUNA social channels to report a change in their own behavior as a result of the campaign.

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