Be the most connected watch brand online.


Redefine what’s considered a  digital signature for the mobile age, enabling everyone to be heard and sign Live Earth’s pledge for climate action.



The Guess Watches’ website is a central platform for consumers to find all of the content created and commissioned by the brand. It not only gives consumers an opportunity to buy their favorite Guess Watch online or in-store, but also allows them to explore the catalog of product and join Guess’ conversations on social media.

The platform focuses on providing the community with a space to engage with Guess influencers. Through inspiring brand content, which seamlessly ties to a smart catalog, Guess Watches are beautifully contextualized, driving conversion to purchase, while also promoting ongoing loyalty and social interaction.


The Guess Watches site drove 6.3MM site visits in the first six months after launch, converting 512,000 users to buy online and caused influencer requests to grow by over 400%.

Furthermore, we gave fans a voice in developing new product innovation, including the Guess Connect product line, which was created based on the feedback and suggestions developed on our platform.