Our aim was to get customers excited about the 2013 Leon, six months before its actual launch, by showcasing its innovative features and design in dealerships up and down the country.


We created an augmented reality iPad experience in dealerships, bringing the features of the new SEAT Leon to life.


The 2013 Leon is brimming with technology that makes driving more enjoyable, so we decided to convey this message with an experiential tool that could be used in SEAT dealerships. In partnership with Blippar (a mobile image recognition platform), we created an augmented reality experience for the iPad. By scanning bespoke stickers that were placed on the old Leon, the features of the new 2013 Leon came to life. From the airbags and wheels, to the headlights and infotainment system, customers were able to walk into SEAT dealerships, pick up an iPad and learn more about the new Leon.


The iPad app has already been used over 10,000 times across the dealer network. Participating dealerships reported that their conversion rate from showroom visit to test drive of the new Leon increased significantly among customers who used the iPad experience.