Dulux MixLab is an innovative new in-store paint mixing service, which allows consumers to customise their paint by choosing their perfect colour, function and finish – meaning they can create a paint designed specifically for their personal requirements. We had created the interface for the paint mixing unit (as shown in the video above) and were then tasked with promoting the new service.


To raise awareness through social media, we set out to create a wealth of visual content all centred around the idea that everyone is unique, and so deserves a paint as unique as they are.


As well as designing the in-store customer interface, we created fun, engaging ‘mix’ images based around items representing someone’s individuality – from the everyday to the bizarre. Each colourful ‘mix’ colour-matched the item, displayed a ‘finish’ and a humorous ‘function’ to create unique and unexpected content. We published 25 ’mixes’ in 48 hours, each combination different to the last, highlighting the potential of paint mixing. To further amplify the campaign we targeted specific online influencers from the world of interior design. Choosing an item that represented their individuality and creating a ‘mix’ just for them.

As part of the wider digital support for the service, we also created a video explaining the process of mixing your perfect paint.


Registering nearly a million impressions, the content published via Twitter increased the rate of audience interaction with Dulux by a staggering 152%.