Building on MALIBU’s fun, social and summery positioning, we wanted to increase love amongst existing MALIBU fans and followers, and recruit new people into the brand. With a thirst for digital content amongst these Millenials we felt that regular and repeatable content format would be best way to reach them. But with so much content at their fingertips, and short attention spans, how were we to compete for their attention?


We created ‘MALIBU Play’, the first branded mix series on mix streaming platform Mixcloud. Because ‘music’ was already part of the brand’s DNA and it was also the most popular passion point amongst our target audience, the mix series felt like a natural choice. The duration of each mix and flexibility of the format was also perfect for communicating the brands fun, summery vibe in an appealing and entertaining way.


Launching in April 2013, the ongoing series is created by a specially invited pool of DJ talent, with a new mix unveiled every month. Each mix has featured an eclectic mash-up of the hottest new music from pop, dance and hi-hop, to match our target’s eclectic tastes. The most popular mixes included a summer sizzler from hip-hop and scratch champion DJ Cosmo Baker and a summer beach house mix from boy-band star turned DJ Marvin Humes. Extending the series beyond summer, we maintained MALIBU’s fun vibe with a special spooky Halloween mix from mash-up legend DJ Kraft Kuts, and a special house party mix from superstar DJ Kissy Sell out – recorded at an actual LA house party.


MALIBU Play has been hugely popular and massively loved. Despite zero media spend - there have been over 200k listens, across all of MALIBU’s key target markets. Average play duration has been a staggering 28 minutes, with over 20% of total plays being for the whole 60” mix. Now with a dedicated following of over 16,000 subscribers, and having been picked up organically by a number of high profile music blogs, MALIBU Play is a credible source of great music content. The number of listeners continues to increase as more mixes are released. We also discovered that the most popular listening time is from 7pm onwards on a Saturday night, just about the same time our audience would be reaching for the MALIBU.