Rekorderlig Cider is a brand for young people that had gotten old. Originally a stylish cider brand with a range of delicious fruity flavours, it had lost the cool factor in a sea of newer competitors and was fighting for relevance.

With COVID putting an indefinite pause on experiential and in-venue activities we need to find a way to connect with discerning drinkers audience digitally.

Knowing that Rekorderlig consumers are early adopters of new technology, we knew that they’d open to the thought of immersing themselves in new virtual experiences through technology.

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Welcome to Rekorder-land, a new virtual travel destination, where the real town of Vimmerby Sweden became a place of virtual wonders. Classic tourist attractions were reimagined into all-original digital experiences - inspired by Rekorderlig’s fruity flavours - and brought to life through meticulous design and interactive technology.

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We created four different fruit-inspired worlds became a feast for the eyes and senses:

  • Vimmerby’s ornate fountain became a gateway to an aquatic wonderland, where fruit flavours became living creatures.
  • In a farmer’s meadow, visitors could walk amongst humongous herbs and giant Hårig Frukt (Swedish for Hairy Fruit).
  • A Swedish Lake Hus hosted its own visual oddities, where visitors could jam with our A.I. and Image Recognition powered DJ.
  • On departure, visitors could browse our other worldly Souvenir Store for digital keepsakes and win real instant prizes.
  • All this and more made Rekorder-land, 2020’s must-visit digital tourist destination for our audience.

We created travel inspired films on social inviting people to visit Rekorder-land. 

Leading travel influencers created content showing them ‘pack their virtual bags’ and visit Rekorder-land, armed with a faux boarding pass and case full of Rekorderlig cider samples and goodies to share with their followers.

People could send virtual postcards to friends on social media, download Rekorder-land inspired Instagram lightroom filters and more. New prizes were announced daily.

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Rekorder-Land only launched recently so we'll be back soon with full results.

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