People workout. They go to the gym. They exercise. But they don’t think of what they do as training. They think training is something only for pro athletes or people with trainers.


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A global campaign aimed at launching a cultural shift from exercise to training, establishing Nike as the expert. As jogging became running, exercise will become training. Once again, positioning the brand as a cultural and athletic changemaker - driving demand for training products and services.



On January 1st - when the whole world was telling people to exercise - we told them to stop. To stop going through the motions and start going for progress. We partnered with Master Trainers and athletes worldwide to seed cultural content and author articles. We tied the physical world of gym partnerships, influencer outreach and product-trialing through local events worldwide and our #stopexercising #starttraining messaging.

From a Metcon Mack truck in Australia to the Nike Training Club app to a M.A.C. installation in Milan to custom social content and sharing opportunities, the campaign is rolling out across every training touchpoint from digital to retail around the world.


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The tension was picked up and embraced immediately by trainers and consumers globally. The hashtags #stopexercising #starttraining were adopted organically as consumers talked about their resolutions and shared their sweaty selfies. The Nike Training Club app rose to #1 in the App Store for Health & Fitness and was named Editor’s Choice.


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