Nike wanted to drive demand for its Training products. This seemingly simple challenge uncovered a real tension – people don’t think ‘train’. They go to the gym, sure, but they ‘exercise’. Training is for athletes, right?

Yet, exercise gets you nowhere. It’s doing the same thing, over and over. It’s a drag. Training, meanwhile, is an adaptive plan designed around goals. No matter what that goal is.

So how could we shift perceptions, encouraging everyone to elevate their fitness by elevating their thinking?

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On January 1st, when the whole world was telling people to exercise, we told them to Stop Exercising, Start Training. This powerful rallying cry led a culture-shifting campaign designed to connect with novices and experts alike.


We partnered with Master Trainers and athletes worldwide to seed cultural content and author articles. We tied the physical world of gym partnerships, influencer outreach and product trialling to our #stopexercising #starttraining messaging. Elite athletes Kyrie Irving and Skylar Diggins developed their own ‘Stop Exercising’ workouts on Nike Training Club (NTC) app to show people how to train.

We also created a visual language, a bold and dramatic photographic style and assets to help launch and stylise our message across all of Nike’s channels. The branding took over Nike retail stores, boutique gyms and even a mobile training truck in Sydney.

Trusted experts in the category and influencers shared our message with their followers. The industry was ready for change and the campaign broke through shake weights, easy fixes and 7-minute abs, giving people a real path to progress.

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countries reached across every touchpoint


Health & Fitness app. Also named Editor's Choice


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