We needed to ‘Save the Male’, one drink at a time and create a global brand site to stand out in the already over-saturated vodka marketplace, not only launching the brand’s distinctive potato vodka in the US but also rebranding the drink in its homeland of Poland.


In today’s world of house-husbands, male grooming salons and David Beckham’s underwear, it can be hard to remember what truly makes a man, a man. That’s where Luksusowa comes in, with their potato vodka, made by men, for men. But rather than give mankind just another branded site, we wanted to create an online destination that gave genuine value to our target audience through entertaining, sharable content.


To do this we created the Man’s Guide to Manliness: a one-page, scrolling site, delivering a tongue in cheek ‘How to’ guide on manly pursuits, behaviour and all those essential skills no real man should be without, everything from ‘How to choose a dog’ to ‘How to win at sports’. We even integrated the core brand messages into the guide by delivering them in the same ‘How to’ format, with tips like ‘How to grow old’ leading you into the history of the brand, thus ensuring a seamless experience. Knowing that our target audience of 21-35-year-old-men genuinely care about how they are perceived online, we made each and every ‘tip’ independently sharable; giving them compelling, funny, manly content to share through social media and boost their online reputation. We commissioned renowned illustrator Mr Bingo to illustrate the ‘tips’ using his distinctive style, complementing the brand’s tone of voice and at the same time making content even more sharable.


We smashed our client target for visits and engagement of the website and created a genuine buzz around the brand among influencers and core drinkers. This continued to drive shares of content for months after the activity had launched.