Analog Folk


Mid-Weight Creative Team

AnalogFolk is a global digital creative agency, independently owned since 2008. Our mission is to use digital technology to make the analog world better – creating more intuitive customer journeys, enabling more customer-led uses of data, integrating seamless tech and building breakthrough campaigns. 

We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Portland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, partnering with brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Hyundai, Michelob Ultra, Maybelline and Unilever. Winner of Campaign’s Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year 2019

We are looking for a creative team to join our team of ambitious and award winning creatives. You will join an agency that has a proven track record in creating exceptional work that is notable in the industry, and drives business success for our clients. You will be joining us at a pivotal time, as our new creative leadership (Colin Byrne) has just joined. We have set ourselves a new creative ambition to enable us reach new heights; in terms of creative bravery, experimentation, effectiveness, and recognition, and with a portfolio of incredible global clients and a pipeline of exciting briefs now is the time to join us.  

The Role

Your work will focus on tackling diverse briefs from a wide variety of famous brands (Meta, Diageo, Costa Coffee, Bayer, HSBC, Beats, to name a few). You’ll be expected to come up with and develop famous, attention-grabbing ideas that will have real value for today’s, highly digitally literate audience. In addition to excellent conceptual thinking, you’ll need strong craft skills (usually, but not limited to copywriting or design/art direction), so these experiences and communications can reach their potential.

You will have high-level agency experience and a portfolio of well-crafted, contemporary projects. You’ll be overflowing with great ideas, have strong communication and collaboration skills and an ambition to do amazing, envy-of-your-peers, work. You’ll be used to working quickly and efficiently when necessary, and know when and where to spend the extra time to make something exceptional, whilst having fun. You’ll also be bloody nice and enjoy the company of other bloody nice people (who are equally hungry to make amazing work).You will work into, and be supported by, AnalogFolk’s creative directors. 

Our Purpose

The creative goal at AnalogFolk is to make remarkable work that has value for both our client’s brands and the people that interact with it. And by ‘remarkable’ we mean famous, stand-out and innovative – literally ‘worthy of remark’. The way to achieve this is through a combination of super-sharp ideas and exceptional craft.  

Your skills and experience

- A track record of coming up with and developing remarkable creative concepts
- A self-starting, entrepreneurial approach that isn’t dependent on continual direction and support
- A proven area of craft expertise (e.g. copy, art direction, design)
- An understanding of the possibilities and opportunities in digital, encompassing an interest in both the latest tech and new approaches to the more familiar
- Being actively plugged into culture, and possessing an understanding of the opportunities this creates for brands.
- Experience of and an interest and appetite in developing ideas that contribute to society and help brands to play a role in tackling and addressing human challenges
- Experience with storytelling through film/video
- Excellent communication skillsA high-level ability to develop, articulate and explain ideas so that others (including clients) comprehend them, love them and buy into them
- The ability to put together a compelling presentation The ability to collaborate with, and guide, all disciplines
- An active creative, cultural life
- General awesomeness  

What we look for…

Everyone brings their individual skills to AnalogFolk, however, there are five principles which we are proud to have and look for in all new our recruits: 

Stay Restless - Always strive for better to push the boundaries of what’s possible.
Expect Remarkable - Go beyond the expected to create something worthy of remark. Accept nothing less. 
Make Change - In everything you do, find a way to make a positive impact.
Do Good - Don’t talk about ideas that create progress. Make them. If something isn’t working, be the agent of change.
Be You - Bring all of yourself and make this place your own. In return, welcome all others.
How We Work:

We have evolved our ways of working over the last few years and believe that there are moments where we benefit from working in the office together and moments where we benefit from working remotely. We ask all Folk to opt-in and work from the office two days a week across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and work remotely on Mondays and Fridays. This current hybrid set-up is temporary until the end of the year when we will review what works for our employees and for our clients.

Click here to read more about our company North Star and our ambition to be an agency of change. 

We welcome applications from all identities and walks of life. We can’t wait to hear from you!