Analog Folk

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We create Open Ideas

The formula for brand growth has evolved. Brands that are culturally relevant are significantly more likely to grow than those that aren’t. Across the decades brands have always strived to be culturally relevant, but the way to do that has fundamentally changed.

Digital technologies have altered how culture works. Traditional media no longer owns culture. Crowds do. Brands cannot rely on building fame through media alone. They need to collaborate with crowds to drive cultural vibrancy.

We partner with brands to create Open Ideas that are participative by design, to be shaped and shared by creators, communities and consumers. They can come to life across Ecosystems, Communications, Social, Content and Experiences. And they help brands be more open when engaging in culture, to play a more relevant and meaningful role in our lives.

Through the AnalogFolk Group (AFG) global network we have access to specialist capabilities across digital transformation, digital first production, technology and content development and AI-powered production automation.

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