Analog Folk


Service Design Lead

Who we are:

We are a global end-to-end transformation consultancy that is a startup inside the AnalogFolk Group.

We deliver improved business outcomes and performance through the fusion of data led behaviour, operations, business and technology.

As a company we are responsible for delivering large scale digital transformation programmes to our clients that range across the AnalogFolk Group. Not only do we focus on large technical builds but also on building optimisation work streams where we look to understand and influence the behaviour of customers to meet business objectives.

As a start up with the backing of an established agency we are able to operate at the speed and agility of a startup but have the security and client portfolio of an established agency.

We pride ourselves on having a transparent and supportive culture giving all employees a springboard to do their best work while having fun.

You will:

- Demonstrate strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, combined with the ability to identify new opportunities for innovation and growth.
- Develop and implement strategies to enhance client’s services and ecosystems, aligning them with business goals and customer needs. Creating more meaningful value for customers and promoting desirable actions and behaviours.
- Conduct research and synthesis insights to identify critical audience insights (e.g., customers, employees, partners) and business insights. Developing hypotheses to design effective, interconnected experiences.
- Drive a human-centred approach, understanding customer behaviours, motivations, and pain points to translate insights into actionable strategies that enhance the overall CX (Customer Experience).
- Lead CX and service design activities, encompassing workshops, value propositions, research, blueprints, journey mapping, prototypes, and testing to deliver seamless and innovative customer experiences and services. 
- Empower stakeholders to effect lasting change successfully, collaborating closely with a variety of disciplines and earning trust and buy in.
- Guide and collaborate with cross-functional teams, including XD / UI designers, business analysts, and project managers, to ensure the most impactful approach.
- Provide guidance, leadership, and support to fellow XD designers and the project team.

Core skills needed:

We are seeking someone with a curious and strategic mindset and passion for problem-solving. Someone who enjoys getting hands-on with the research and data analysis, and creating meaningful, actionable artefacts and customer experiences. You should possess:

- A deep understanding of designing services that deliver innovative, seamless, and personalised experiences aligned with business goals and customer needs.
- Proven experience as a CX or service design leader and practitioner, aiding businesses in solving large and complex problems by combining the science (data-informed, behavioural change) and art (design) of Customer Experience strategy.
- Experience through the entire design process, from initial analysis to final delivery and beyond including but not limited to developing strategies, facilitating workshops and research activities (both quantitative and qualitative) and creating current and future-state CX maps, audience profiles, service concepts, and blueprints. 
- Proficiency in creating and using metrics and indicators to measure quality and drive continuous CX improvements.
- Expert in using essential tools, such as Figma, Miro, Sketch, Keynote, Teams, etc.


- Experience working in the B2B space and Financial Service sector 
- Behavioural design experience
We have evolved our ways of working over the last few years and believe that there are moments where we benefit from working in the office together and moments where we benefit from working remotely. We ask all to opt-in and work from the office two days a week across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and work remotely on Mondays and Fridays.