Head of Design


As the leader of AnalogFolk’s design team, you will build, mentor and inspire a collaborative and progressive department capable of taking on the very varied challenges that our clients’ businesses bring to us. With your help, AnalogFolk will create award-winning, innovative marketing and extraordinary platform experiences.

What you’ll do

As AnalogFolk’s Head of Design, you will focus your efforts on:

  • Managing a team of talented designers with different specialisms

  • Improving and creating new, collaborative ways to work with conceptual creative and production, including partnering with CDs or Creatives to guide the best creative work

  • Guiding the Creative and Production departments when it comes to selecting and working with third party design partners.

  • Mentoring and inspiring your core team, through the championing of craft and helping them work with other disciplines. Helping individuals pursue their career and creative goals.

  • Directing selected key projects, being hands on where necessary.

  • Working with the management team to improve the running of the agency and our creative reputation.

  • Educating other disciplines on how best to work with Design, and ensuring they are briefed and involved effectively.

  • Regularly addressing the agency as one of its senior creative leaders.

The effect you’ll have (and what you’ll be measured on):

  • Celebrated, impactful work that the Design team has played a significant role in, and AnalogFolk recognised for digital design.

  • Pitches won that have a significant digital design component

  • Design better integrated into creative process

  • Design team growth / Improved retention of design team members

  • Successful development of specialised roles and processes where required.

Skills and experience:

The ideal candidate will have high-level agency experience and a portfolio of well-crafted, contemporary projects. More specifically they’ll have:

  • Award-winning, envy-of-their-peers work.

  • Passion for comms, social, platforms and every place digital design makes a difference.

  • 8+ years digital design experience

  • Extensive knowledge of and passion for contemporary platforms, interaction design, typography, branding, advertising and social media

  • An interest in emerging opportunities (new formats and technologies)

  • Strong ability to articulate design treatments and ideas to different audiences, including senior clients.

  • An active creative, cultural life.

  • Experience leading multi-disciplinary project teams.


At AnalogFolk we use digital to make the analog world better. We strive to create experiences that are remarkable and fundamentally valuable.

What we’re like

Wherever you work in AnalogFolk, you need to be clever, creative, enthusiastic and able to work in an open and collaborative way. There are five principles which we are proud to have and look for in all our new people:

Be Remarkable - we strike to make work worthy of remark.

Never say ‘it can’t be done’ - we always try to find a way to do a great job.

Make Things - presentations only get you so far. It’s all about the work we actually make.

Fail brilliantly - to win big we need to take calculated, creative risks.

Be Nice - we respect and look after each other, because we’re all making this stuff together.