Analog Folk


Senior Strategist

AnalogFolk is a global digital creative agency, independently owned since 2008. Our mission is to use digital technology to make the analog world better – creating more intuitive customer journeys, enabling more customer-led uses of data, integrating seamless tech and building breakthrough campaigns. 

We have offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, Portland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, partnering with brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Hyundai, Michelob Ultra, Maybelline and Unilever. Winner of Campaign’s Global Digital Innovation Agency of the Year 2019


AnalogFolk is a leading global digital creative agency. Our purpose is to help brands use digital technology to make the analog world better. We’re looking for like-minded people to join our growing London team.

Today, we’re looking for a Senior StrategistSenior strategists at AF are passionate and driven to create strategies that are brilliant and effective. They are well versed in business, brand and digital thinking. They work with Strategy Directors or solo to ensure our mid/junior clients digital strategies are differentiated and innovative. They are plugged into digital culture, bringing fresh insights and observations that help us create ideas that use digital to make the analog world better.

Roles & Responsibilities

- Deliver solutions for our clients that live up to our mantra of making digital experiences that make the analog world better.
- Unearth insight from consumer, culture, category, and company to bring fresh perspectives to help brands play a more meaningful, relevant, and valuable role in people’s lives and in the world.
- Support the creative thinking process with inspiring briefings, by providing a strategic filter that builds better territories and ideas, supporting creative presentations with strong strategic justification for the work.
- Take independent charge of specific client brands, leading briefs and being the go-to for strategy on that client. Write research briefs and lead qualitative research methodologies that deliver great insights.
- Keep up to date with digital innovation and new digital platforms
- Create digital ecosystem and innovation strategies which serve untapped consumer needsUse data to provide strategic insights and opportunities to the CX team.
- Be a good storyteller, able to write and present innovative strategies and ideas to clients, internally or the wider industry. Be inspiring and persuasive.
- Ensure our work delivers against our client’s goals (and that learnings are taken from any failures).
- Participate in new business efforts (concept, execution, presentation).Be able to build simple measurement frameworks to ensure strategy can be measured for impact.

Measurement & performance

- Great ideas being generated by creative teams and subsequently sold to clients.
- Effectiveness and creative award-worthy strategic thinking on your brands.
- Demonstrable contribution of our work to a brand’s overall positive performance.
- Collaborative approach to “cracking” briefs across the strategic practices and other department.
- Provide strategic fire-power on winning new business pitches.

Skills & Experience

- Smart. Tapped into culture. Curious as hell about brands, digital and business.
- Track record of uncovering insights that unlock great strategic visions. And then being part of the process of translating this strategy into impactful creative output.
- Been a holistic thinker, who has been part of combining strategy, data, communications, content, and experience expertise into new solutions.
- Kept abreast of brand, digital, content, and social marketing trends throughout your career. 
- Previous experience on digital ecosystems and/ or innovation projects necessary. 
- Presented strategies and strategic support for creative work to mid-level clients.

How We Work:

We have evolved our ways of working over the last few years and believe that there are moments where we benefit from working in the office together and moments where we benefit from working remotely. We ask all Folk to opt-in and work from the office two days a week across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and work remotely on Mondays and Fridays. This current hybrid set-up is temporary until the end of the year when we will review what works for our employees and for our clients.

Click here to read more about our company North Star and our ambition to be an agency of change. 

We welcome applications from all identities and walks of life. We can’t wait to hear from you!